Engaged employees – a management pipedream?

61% of companies are aiming to deliver the best customer experience (CE) in their industries over the next three years according to ex-Forrester analyst and CE expert Bruce Temkin. That customer experience is widely regarded as an area in which to differentiate a brand is no surprise to those at this year’s European Customer Experience World. Striving for excellence was the common denominator amongst delegates.

Attempting to find Sofitel Heathrow T5 with a satnav that predates T5 is not much fun

For Temkin, customer experience correlates to loyalty and there are four competencies that an organisation must have to be customer centric: purposeful leadership; compelling brand values; customer connectedness and employee engagement. This last one you can gauge by asking the question, ‘are your employees fully committed to your goals?’

It is a perfect question for a consultant. Who could answer “yes, everyone on my staff is fully committed”? Either you’d be signing on the dotted line to get engaging your employees, or perhaps you’d be asking some tough questions – like is employee engagement anything more than a management pipedream?

For no-one at ECEW seemed to have cracked the essence of employee engagement. Motivation. What makes people do stuff. And in particular, what makes people perform at their best?

I also attended a talk on the Science of Gamification at Digital Surrey this week. And after a long weekend with a host of disparate thoughts and inputs from those two events nurdling away in my brain, I woke up this morning with a startling insight. A silver bullet, no less. You’ll only understand it if I explain it right though, and that requires a short series of posts on a theme of motivation. Bear with me. I hope it will be worth it in the end, because I think…

I know exactly how to hire and keep the right people to achieve excellence. 


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