What kind of fuckery is this?

A sister resistor at The Turn Back Time Day of Action, November 2011

A year ago we went on a Fawcett Society organised march where we called on the government to ‘not turn back time on women’s equality’. There were women carrying banners saying ‘feminism, back by popular demand’.

Back in the day, when I was at college at the beginning of the 90s, feminism felt like it was on the decline. Tainted by the media ‘loony left’ backlash and buried by the rise of lads mags, ladettes and the proclamation that feminism’s job was done.

I’ve stayed true to the cause comrades, of course, but it felt quite lonely sometimes.

Recently I’ve been wondering whether feminism is on the rise, or whether the widespread availability of social technology tools means it’s just that much more visible to express, share and discover feminist opinion that was always there bubbling away.

But it’s on the rise. If I was unconvinced before, the two Tweets I saw in quick succession this evening buried any last doubt. It’s on the rise because it needs to be.

Firstly this:

And then this:

Amy Winehouse said it best: What kind of fuckery is this?


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