Having killed 20 or so tropical fish last year (despite trying very hard not to) we’ve resigned ourselves to not having pets. But just before Christmas I decided to make a sourdough starter.

It’s much like a pet: you need to feed it. But it’s pretty low maintenance. Not particularly cuddly or responsive, but then neither were the fish. And it’s outlived the fish so far too.

The first batch of loaves were ok. But I’d fed the starter with wholemeal and that made the loaves hardwork. They were pretty dense and sour too. I liked them but I think I was practically alone with that.

Since then I’ve been learning from each bake and they’ve been improving. It’s silver fox Paul Hollywood’s recipe. It’s turning into a love-hate relationship.

Nonetheless, I bring you Day Four of the #100happydays challenge. Today my best homemade sourdough loaf yet made me happy.

Look! There are airbubbles in the crumb! It is very crunchy, but the loosest and most air filled yet!



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