Who is behind 100 happy days?

Photo by Crick Smith http://www.cricksmith.co.uk/projects/about/national_liberal_club_smoking_room/

Photo by Crick Smith

Today a few things made me happy – there’s not often just one thing luckily.

My beautiful children waking up: from sleepy bundle to launching into stream of consciousness updates in seconds. Virtuous aches from running and yoga yesterday. Breakfast with a colleague. Catching up with old friends and tying it into a political debate this evening. Sitting by the fireside in the National Liberal Club with a glass of wine.

But you’ll have to imagine it. I didn’t take a photo – just borrowed this one from Crick Smith.

I hope that works for Dmitrijs Golubnicijs, the only name I can find when searching for who is behind 100 happy days. What is he doing with all the emails he gets?



3 thoughts on “Who is behind 100 happy days?

  1. Alanna

    I’m asking myself the same question. Who is Dmitrijs Golubnicijs? And what is he doing with all the emails and account info he us collecting? And why aren’t more people asking thus question?


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