Once more unto the breach – National Child Measurement Programme

It takes some effort to protest – who is going to listen.

But as Sir Billy says, (and I endlessly repeat) cynicism is the enemy of progress, not those who oppose us.

So I took time to reply to the letters I’d received, fully expecting not to hear another word, perhaps being filed in the ‘trolls’ drawers at best, bins at worst. But lo and behold, another crop of responses appeared.

Having pointed out to Vince Cable that he’d misunderstood my letter, he took up my case. He replied saying “Thank you for your further email.  I now understand rather better why you are concerned.  I agree that it is absurd, and perhaps worse, for the NHS to be guiding perfectly normal children towards dieting and for misleading letters to be sent out causing alarm amongst parents.  I will write to the RTCH along these lines.”

And he did, he wrote to Frank Sims, CEO of Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust. He emailed him, copying me. And using the phrase “It may be this is a diktat from the DoH.  Perhaps you could let me know and I will take this up with a Minister.”

Diktat. Wonderful word. Meaning “an order or decree imposed by someone in power without popular consent.”

Meanwhile the various folks at the School Nursing Service, London Borough of Richmond and Public Health England all replied too, inviting me once more to meet. An invitation I took them up on.

Since I work full time four days split across five, trying to find a time that I could meet with these various folks took a while.

In the meantime a letter arrived to me, on House of Commons stationery. That is quite an exciting feeling I can tell you. My last post on this matter was entitled ‘What happened next? A hearing or a fobbing off?‘ This was beginning very much to feel like the former.

But it was a letter from Frank Sims to Vince Cable, who had forwarded it to me, thereby closing the matter down. It explained that an investigation had taken place which concluded my son was indeed obese. But that the situation had been the catalyst for a training session for all school nurses in Richmond, for which I had been used as an anonymous case study.

And that was pretty much that. Barring, of course, my meeting…



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