Which chocolates are palm oil free this Christmas?

Montezuma Peanut Butter Snowballs

Montezuma Peanut Butter Snowballs

If you are boycotting palm oil products, the list of what you can’t have is dizzying, so here is my short list of palm oil free chocolates that you can enjoy as you prepare for Christmas.

I’m hoping Father Christmas and the fairies will be reading this post so that our Advent Calendar House and stockings have palm oil free chocolates this year.

This year the haze in Singapore (where I left a part of my heart and met some great friends) really struck me. My friend Andrea and has written about it in much more informed ways than I can. Suffice to say that the rush to produce palm oil is an environmental disaster that is killing people, wildlife and habitats now and at an unprecedented rate.

We’ve agreed as a family to start to root out and boycott products that contain palm oil. This is not an easy task and we’ve had to agree to give up some favourite products. We don’t have a lot of processed food, but we do buy sweets, snacks and chocolate from time to time. And I can hardly bring myself to think that Snickers are lost to me now….

Small festive chocolates
We have a beautiful wooden Advent Calendar house and if the children have been good, the fairies leave them treats in there.

If they’re reading, those fairies could order these online from Cocoa Loco: small milk chocolate SantasPenguins or Robins.

Or if the fairies frequent the high street they could pop into the wonderful Montezuma’s and find chunky chocolate snowmen with ganache centres  or the delicious white chocolate and peanut snowballs which are likely to be the ruin of me (and I don’t usually even like white chocolate). I’m really glad to see that Montezuma chocolates rate highly for ethics – in the shop I was told their products are palm oil free barring one product with biscuit in it.

Hollow chocolate Father Christmases
What would a stocking be without a chocolate santa? Thankfully the Lindt Chocolate Santas are palm oil free. Fingers crossed they’re reading this blog at the north pole. Lindt chocolates are also palm oil free, but use sustainable palm oil in some fillings.

Everyday chocolate
Having stuck my neck out with the children on this issue, I now have to be consistent. And so I marched them down to Oxfam after school the other day to buy a chocolate treat. Thankfully Oxfam stocks Divine chocolates, also palm oil free and on the high street.

The children and I have agreed a position. We will not buy palm oil products. But they can eat them if they are given them by friends. And if there is a particular product the children really want but can’t have, I will try to recreate it! What fun. My first experiment will be Snickers ice cream, but without the Snickers. Watch this space.

You can do your own research to find chocolates – and other products – that sit well with your conscience here: http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/buyersguides/food/chocolatebars.aspx

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