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Happy seems a long time ago today

Its 9.36pm. 12 hours ago I was meeting a colleague for breakfast. Second day in a row (different colleague).

Delicious scrambled egg with a white americano. That made me happy.

Rather cross now mind you. Let’s hope I can work through that tomorrow and get back to that happiness.

In the meantime, those eggs:




Having killed 20 or so tropical fish last year (despite trying very hard not to) we’ve resigned ourselves to not having pets. But just before Christmas I decided to make a sourdough starter.

It’s much like a pet: you need to feed it. But it’s pretty low maintenance. Not particularly cuddly or responsive, but then neither were the fish. And it’s outlived the fish so far too. Continue reading

Can I be happy for 100 days in a row?



Two folks I rather admire in different ways have recently started the 100 Happy Days challenge.

I reacted to this in many ways, but my first reaction was cynicism. I wouldn’t be me without a good dose of cynicism. In fact having spent my whole career in marketing, I need it to survive. I’m in a world where someone yesterday saw fit to suggest that one ‘leveraged ideation processes daily’. Need I say more?

But the truth is that cynicism is our biggest enemy. Billy Bragg explains it best. (As ever). Our own cynicism undermines our very drive to make the world a better place. Others may be cynical, but if we give in to it, we’re lost. Continue reading