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How to apologise on Twitter

This morning Jimmy Carr said sorry for avoiding some of his tax bill. This is a text book apology done over Twitter. Nice and simple. Gives the facts. Takes responsibility. Sounds human. Makes an apology and describes an outcome.

I’ll point out again that I’m not an especial fan of Jimmy Carr but it’s worth noting this is a Twitter apology done well. A nice case study for anyone concerned with reputation, issues and crisis management in social media.

Hopefully the debate will now move on to discuss the institutional structures that support and condone tax avoidance and move away from scapegoating individuals.

Carr is ‘morally wrong on tax’ says Cameron

Today I saw David Cameron on the evening news, criticising comedian Jimmy Carr for not paying as much tax as he should. I don’t have much sympathy for Jimmy Carr.

I actually believe in paying tax. It might hurt when I see my payslip, but I appreciate schools, ‘free’ healthcare, the police etc.

So tax avoidance is not high on my list of virtues.

But the real story here is not Jimmy Carr. The real story is tax avoidance.

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